Holder Backstabs CIA Anti-terror Operatives

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  1. This was predictable. Put a leftwing flunky in as Attorney General and watch him try to undermine the CIA and the fight against terrorism. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/08/24/AR2009082401743.html

    Basically, agents who put their asses on the line to protect us are now going to get the limb sawed off behind them by Eric Holder, the same piece of crap who was in the middle of the Marc Rich pardon auction and did nothing. Maybe we should have a special counsel go back and take a look at that and see if he should be prosecuted.

    Democrats have a long history of criminalizing policy disputes. They did it with Nixon and managed to blow up a small time breakin to hysterical proportions. They tried it with Reagan and Iran-contra, until Ollie North gave them a public whipping. They tried it with Bush and the ridiculous U. S. Attorney non-scandal. Now they are going for a new low by reopening investigations that the Justice Department had previously decided not to prosecute, all to tarnish Bush and Cheney and the brave CIA operatives who manned the wall after 9/11.

    Democrats also have a sordid history of trying to destroy the CIA. One of Jimmy Carter's many disasters was presiding over the CIA's gutting, after the infamous Church Committee hearings.

    At least Carter had the leadership to take personal responsibility for imperiling the country's defenses. The cowardly Obama has, in typical fashion, attempted to be on both sides of this CIA issue. He earlier said he didn't want to look backward and get into what happened under Bush, but now we get the utterly implausible story that his lackey Holder is doing this on his own. Holder doesn't go to the bathroom on his own.

    It's no coincidence that this was announced the last week of August, with obama on vacation. They know this kind of cowardly second guessing will be deeply unpopular with most Americans, who both appreciate what the CIA did and don't see anything wrong with coercive interrogation of people who would like to blow up their kids' school. Apparently Obama is more concerned with the anti-american kook democrat base than in protecting the country. He's just too big a pussy to say so out loud.
  2. It's also a nice coincidence that Holder's law firm is the firm representing the terrorists.
  3. Yes, isn't it. Actually lawyers from almost all the top law firms flocked to represent gitmo terrorists and try to gain their freedom. You have to wonder about the corporate clients that pay the bills at these firms. How could you support a firm that took the side of terrorists over your own country?

    In WW II these lawyers would have been prosecuted for treason, along with the ACLU.
  4. Arnie


    Obama is nothing more than a black Jimmie Carter
  5. John H. Durham is a solid prosecutor.
  6. The blame should be placed on Bush and Chaney for giving illegal orders.They both should be tried for war crimes

  7. excellent explanation as to why Obama is pursuing this, He needs to placate his base.

    You for example, an Obama supporter who would prefer Ron Paul.
    (eg; his base). People who literally have no clue.

    It's funny, Obama's base, the lunatic-leftists, are about 20% of the population, the rest are independants and conservatives. This kind of childish bullshit pisses off everyone except his base of clueless loonies.
  8. I've noticed that the spelling that has accompanied the majority of your posts is downright horrible. Why is that?
  9. You Bush sympathizers are the clueless ones.No one is above the law,and that includes Bush and Chaney.
  10. You should notify these people of how patriotic you are:

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