hold shorts till end of week

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cooolweb, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. if its going to crash this week, down to 1030 max 1120 min
    if not, we'll see it. don't cover ANY SHARES EARLY! (stocks)
    the big money is sitting in the right direction.

    a. if it crashes through 1030, cover lightly, but HOLD shorts for 3 more weeks. it'll crash to 900.
    b. if it doesn't crash through 1120 , start covering
  2. hahaaaa..

    loosa,i shouldn`t tell you that you`d lose
  3. You dreaming again to think u can out think me?
  4. you are the biggest thinker i`ve ever met
  5. make sure you apologize to this board and pray to allah for the grace of my presense .
  6. yeah,cucumber...you were partially right..Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim


  7. no offense, a serious questions--- are you as big an egomaniac and clown as you "sound" by your posts. What kind of nonsense is this with you making market calls as if you know what is going to or supposed to happen.

    What's your background for being so certain, and over-confident?!!
  8. Yessssss