Hold Rings NYSE Bell

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  1. Did everyone hear about this?

    Hold Brothers Execution Services LLC Celebrates New NYSE Membership


    Hold Brothers Execution Services LLC visits the NYSE to celebrate its new NYSE membership. In honor of the occasion, CEO Gregory Hold and President Steven Hold ring The Opening BellSM.
    Click the link below at 9:25 a.m. ET on October 2, 2006 to view a live webcast of The Opening Bell.
  2. I think it goes to show they are a solid firm.

    Congrats to them
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    wheres the link??
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  5. are they a publically traded company ?
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    no.. prop trading firm
  7. since when do non NYSE listed firms get to ring the bell ?
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    Who knows... maybe they have something in the works... But Greg and Steve Hold are very smart business men. Just have to wait and see i guess.
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    They apparantly became NYSE members, the equivalant of "Buying a seat". It is quite common for members to ring the bell.
  10. I believe nyse members pay lower fee's so now that means they can overide there traders even more
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