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  1. President Hu was quoted: “For nations outside the United States increasingly high food prices accounts for the largest part of our citizens' budget. We can not allow Ben Bernanke’s monetization of the deficit to destabilize the developing economies by exporting inflation.” Many economist are quick to point out that in many LDCs (Least Developed Countries) food accounts for 50% of a families budget whereas in the United States it food is roughly 13%.

    China has raised interest rates several times - despite US objections - in attempts to mitigate their inflation.

    Economist now predict that the United States will either default on its 128 trillion dollar debt or quickly suffer the consequences of hyperinflation through the Fed's continued monetization of the unplayable portion of the deficit. 57% of the deficit is unfunded (looted) liabilities like Social Security and Medicare. 23% of the deficit is debt service. Economist say Monday's FX rates will determine gas prices and food prices and the new value of the USD.
    "There was a growing concern that Bernanke’s fiscal policies would prove the Mayan’s correct, I suspect the United States will find an excuse to wage nuclear war over this,'" said one prominent historian.

    Not yet hit the mainstream press. Will be interesting to see what happens the next few week.
  2. Any link to that quote?
  3. Of course not. EMRGLOBAL is the ET spam spitting machine.
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    Waiting for the comments of some of ET's posters "gloating" over exporting inflation to China. Speak up clowns.
  5. The US has never been against China raising interest rates: we've been trying to get them to do it for YEARS!!!!!!!

    China is just pissed because we export more monetary policy than they export plastic wal-mart widgets. They need to quit bitching and float their currency if they think they're so bad-ass.

  6. Here is the link http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article26431.html its not a real article its fake. Quit posting crap, you got me all excited.

    Also the US is trying to get China to raise interest rates faster.

  7. LOL - OP got owned. I wonder how many pundits on here post stuff that's just plain made-up and take it as fact.
  8. I agree ! If it doesn't float it's not a currency.
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    i dont know some people could be confused and think it was real by reading this;