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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by halojen, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Anyone have any insight on the current workings of Hold Brothers. I am considering going there. Any insight would be very helpful.
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    any positives or negatives about the company would be helpful - doesn't seem to be a lot of insight about this place
  3. are you putting up $$$ or coming in strictly prop?
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    Coming in strictly prop.
  5. what did they offer you (rate/payout)?

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    Haven't met with them yet. Just wanted to see if I was wasting my time talking to them.

  7. i work at Hold, have for 3 years now. I was just curious what new traders were starting off at.

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    That's funny. I worked there for a year in 2001, and I've been a sales trader at a broker dealer for the past 5 years. How is it there now?

  9. For a new guy the deal will be a joke. I would bet they offer like 8/10’s and 50% payout plus you pay the fees. For a guy who can trade and does ok volume they have some of the best rates to offer.
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    What is 8/10’s ? and what's your estimate on "the best rates" thanks
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