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    any opinion of HOLD BROTHERS?
    your opinions are welcomed....
    any one with experience with them?
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    Heard almost as many good things about them as Bright Trading.
  3. LOL :p
  4. I heard they were going bye-bye!!! Just a rumor I heard, it is not backed up by any facts but from what I heard they are hurting, especially without bullets
  5. I can't believe Don hasn't "rebuffed" this yet?

    Let me guess he'll say...."we are doing fine, changing with the times....our traders are still making money....thanks for giving me the opportunity to share how we are doing...."

    Their Don no need to respond.....:D

  6. why would Don respond about a rumor concerning Hold Brothers? am i missing something?
  7. They are still surviving, last I heard. But they could go belly up soon. I know they are frantically looking for traders with caps.
  8. They seem to be constantly or at least rumored to be going out of business or on the verge of blowing up every few months. I wonder if they are really running month to month like that and if so what keeps them in business doing it. It like a trader who is under capitalize to begin with yet wants to trade so he wires in $200 everytime his acct is about to get shut down. IT is enough to keep it open, but what are the odds he will take that $200 and turn it into 500K that year.

    I have a feeling the bullets are hurting a lot of the firms, including the big boys - Bright and Assent, despite the claims of "business as usual". Then again what else are they really going to say, although I would have respected a response explaing that sure it will effect us but we will adapt and continue on. There was too much revenue in bullets and the extra trading volume that came with their use to fall for the line that it will not effect the business at all.
  9. well let us see:

    very few comments might just mean that brains are being used to brainstorm another method of trading without bullets, and those frequent commentators on ET aren't commenting as much....

    it could also mean that it really did cap their explosive growth and market destabilizing conduct....after all, we did just top 10,000 in an order rise instead of the chaotic frantic frenzies of the past
  10. That a trader there lost over $200,000 dollars last month in one day and he had barely 1/4 of that to cover the loss.

    I wonder who is going to pay for that??????????????

    It is for the most part a good place but be careful as this industry is always changing depending on a few trades here and there.

    Good luck.
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