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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by vingbel, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. vingbel


    Is there anyone here who trades as a remote trader with Hold Brothers? Or someone who trades with them in their branch offices?

    I'd like to get your feedback.
  2. axehawk


    I have recently been contacted by them, but I was out of the country.

    I read some old threads here, but not sure if they are still relevant.

    Have they changed their model recently? Or are they just your basic Wall Street arcade?

    I saw their Xerxes website. Is this a sub-llc of Hold?

    What kind of package can I expect? What are their commission rates for prop traders, etc.?
  3. I trade at one of their branch offices. Have selected them basically 'cause of the commission structure, and their good list of shortable stocks avaliable each day.
  4. axehawk


    What other firms are having trouble shorting stocks?
  5. vingbel


    Were you mentored? Did they have a training program?
  6. axehawk


    I believe they have online mentoring/training videos.

    Anyone seen these?

    What is their main trading strategy? NYSE scalping, arb, or is everyone on their own to find the grail?
  7. Guess mentoring depends from office to office, we never have any mentoring at our office. Lol I have no idea about there online educational videos. Initially had a big loosing streak and they were much supportive. I've not really seen them hitting on newbies unless the guy is really bad at trading. They have some really good traders (top guy registered here: KeithOMalley)

    "What is their main trading strategy? NYSE scalping, arb, or is everyone on their own to find the grail?"
    They're much flexible and let you do whatever you can to make money.

    The only thing I dislike is that Graybox often has issues with quotes.

    PS: by no mentoring I mean either no mentoring at all or BS mentoring
  8. Spxdes


    I traded with them maybe two years ago and I know someone who still works there. It is a nice firm that offers competetive commissions but, unless you get friendly with a group, there is no mentoring program.

    I actually traded under a group within Hold called Caliber that had a nice mentoring program but I think they have disbanded.