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  1. mjt


    I'm throwing in the towel. I just don't think they're ready for remote trading.
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  2. I threw in the towel also. I am no longer with hold brothers. They have far too many problems with the way they treat their props vs their customers, and other problems which I can't discuss here. I can't really say anything about why I left or where I am now, but Hold brothers burnt their bridge with me.
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  3. Klaorman


    Hmm... I'm still with them. The quotes have been smooth and steady except for some small hiccups today and the Smart Orders and Blast Orders work great for me. Why do you think they're not ready for remote trading, mjt? Speedracer, can you talk about how they treat props and customers differently? I thought you had said props were treated much better than customers. Do I have cause to be concerned about my account?
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  4. mjt


    1) Too many server disconnects. Happened to me twice today in about a 5 minute period.
    2) Can't trade by clicking prices in the level 2 box.
    3) I can't link Graybox and RT3. I can link the level 2 boxes, but that doesn't really do anything for me. I want a chart to come up when I type in a symbol. I have my RT3 level 2 linked to a chart, and my Graybox level 2 linked to my RT3 level 2 box, but the chart doesn't update when I change the symbol in my Graybox level 2 box.
    4) I've had no luck with Real Tick charting. It works fine on my main computer. Unfortunately, I'm using Real Tick on my second computer, and it's messed up.

    I guess the major problem is #1. The rest of the problems can be dealt with. Are you using RT for quoting?
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  5. Klaorman


    Yeah, the server disconnects were the hiccups that I had today. I just kept hitting the reconnect button until I connected again. I was in a trade at the time but its stop was far away so that was ok. I did miss another trade because of the disconnects, though. But this was the first time in maybe 2 weeks that this has happened.

    I do miss the clicking to set price on Level II that Tradescape and Realtick has, but Smart Orders, Blasting and offering shares on ISLD seem to be all I need to quickly get in and out of trades. You mentioned before that it was slow changing parameters in Blasting. I have mine set to 100, 200 and 300 shares, with the same level depth (4) and price differential (.30) for each. If I want 500 shares, I'll quickly send out a 200- and 300-share Blast. Simple enough for me to execute.

    I'm using QCharts for quoting. It's been working great ever since the day I signed up for eSignal. I mean, the very next day after I signed up for eSignal, QCharts started spitting out the quotes smoothly, so I never looked at eSignal much and dropped it after the 1 month trial. It was like holding on to a loser and finally, when you can't stand it anymore, you sell it and then it immediately bounces!

    I'm not bothered by the lack of linking between QCharts and Graybox. When an alert comes up in QCharts, I just quickly type in the symbol on Graybox. Sure, it's a bit slower than if there is a link, but it's not really a problem. I -am- bothered by the lack of linking between the position window and the Level II box. I'd like to be able to click on one of my positions and have the L2 box change to that symbol.
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  6. Speedracer:

    Your post is not very encouraging for HB... If possible I would like to ask a you a few more questions about it. Do you have an alias account at Yahoo or Hotmail that I could email you at. I can be reached at an the following address: Proptrader00@yahoo.com
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  7. Props are treated poorly because they are contracted and the way you get your payout spread out over months lets the company know that they have you by the balls. Customers can leave for greener pastures if they want, so Hold bends over for them. Realize that I am talking about high volume in house customers, not remotes. They don't give a shit about remotes because they usually do little volume and are miles away.
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  8. tom_p


    I noticed a very positive,new review (June 20) of Hold Bros in the Brokers section by "Sal B". If perchance he's reading this thread, his comments would be appreciated here.
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  9. rope777


    for the people in prop programs:Ive been recruited by All-Tech to be a proprietary trader,they promise me $2 R/T commissions up to 5,000 shares,no other fees,others Ive spoken with such as Worldco,Onsite and Bright trading are offering 1 and 1/2 to 2 cents per share,significant difference in costs.People Ive spoken with say the biggest hindrance to making money as a proprietary trader is the commission costs.is this a good deal?Any answer would be much appreciated,or advice on what questions I should be asking these firms before I join.Would like to correspond with anyone who traded at All-tech before in their prop program,thanks group!!!email at rope777@yahoo.com
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  10. Rope,

    Are you saying he offered you 1 cent per share with no ECN fees ($2 RT on 100 shrs). If this is the case, it sounds like a good deal; maybe a little too good. The 1 cent per share is easy to obtain, but its almost impossibe to find that coupled with no ECN fees. What kind of payout do they give? I would get it in writing and make sure they don't tack on any charges. If they hold true to this it sounds like a good deal.
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