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  1. mm-trader


    Has anyone heard anything positive/negative about this firm?
  2. mjt


    I'm in the process of opening an account with them. I will try to update in a few weeks.

    There's a guy on this forum who goes by Speedracer, and he uses them. He seems to think highly of them.

    Also, they offer free Real Tick software. I don't know whether they will take it away if you don't execute enough trades--probably not, because they charge $250/mo for fewer than 200 trades. Since they have their own proprietary software, that fee is probably for Real Tick, which is $250/mo.

    Anyway, I think that's a pretty good deal, Real Tick plus their software free after 200 trades. Normally I would say that's quite a few trades to get free software, but charging per share instead of by ticket changes things. 200 trades go by quickly if you scale into and/or out of positions.

    BTW, it's not necessary to post the same thread twice. Plenty of people will see the thread.
  3. If that price includes real-tick, that would be a pretty good deal. Like you said, 200 tickets isn't that much when you can scale in and out. They said on their web site that the $250 was for "level II fees", so I assumed they were just using it as a way to charge for their software. Let us know if real tick is included once you get signed up....

  4. PKJR


    they do provide Real Tick and also will soon offer the professional leverage 10:1

  5. If they start to offer Real Tick the fee's will go up. Real Tick Charges all of the brokers who use the software $3.00 for every transaction.

    The penny per share fee won't be available with Real Tick than.

  6. PKJR


    Well I talked to them today and Jeff said that they do offer it. It is also mentioned on their website (onsite trading)

  7. PKJR


    Now that I think about about it: perhaps RT is for charting only. GreyBox is for order entry.
  8. mjt


    They offer the Real Tick pro platform, which includes charting, level 2 and all the perks. But the orders are routed through their Greybox software. I believe that they are charging you $250/mo for the software because that's what they have to pay Real Tick.
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    Any news on Hold Brothers? How is their order entry software?
  10. mjt


    My account should be open 6/1. I'll probably need a week to get used to the software and to know how good it is. If I don't update by 6/8 remind me.
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