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    For someone (myself) who is a little late coming to the prop trading arena and doesn't quite know all the players yet, can someone explain this quote from the Trader Monthly "Top 30 under 30" article about Hold Brothers:

    Keith O’Malley
    Age: 29
    Firm: Hold Brothers
    City: Jersey City, New Jersey
    Trades: Equities, ETFs
    Hold Brothers is not, shall we say, the most prestigious firm, but of its 570 traders, O’Malley is widely considered the best.

    What don't I know, or more appropriately, what should I know?
  2. Hold is a prop firm, not like trading for a major bank or anything. However you can still make a lot of money.

    Btw, I know Keith well, I see him all the time.
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    Uh....I know that!

    Explain the comment.

    BTW, aren't you a Hold guy?
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    In the article, they sing the praises of a guy who trades from his house thru Assent, yet there's no such derogative remark about Assent.

  5. I dont get it, WHAT do you want to know? A prop firm is not considered "prestigeous" in financial circles such as institutions and major banks. But that doesnt mean you cant clean up.

  6. Cant speak for this comment, I guess Assent is considered a better firm. I worked at Hold for 3 years, it was a fine place to trade

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    How is their prop offices? Does anybody trade at Broad St. or midtown locations?

    Good experience?
  8. Dont know anything about the Broad street office but I know guys that were unhappy with the midtown office because of slowness of quotes. Not sure if they have since fixed the issue. I traded from Jersey City when I was with Hold and, since that was the main hub, speed was usually never an issue

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    I think he's referring to Assent. In a Hold thread.
  10. If you look at the 30 under 30 list looks like everyone works for GS, MER, FIG. Hold Brothers is not in the same league as any of these companies, i think it makes it even more of an honor for this person and this firm to be on this list
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