Hold Brothers No longer with FINRA?

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  1. Why is Hold Brothers suddenly registered with cbsx? Is it just cheaper to register with cbsx? What implications will this have for series 7 holders at Hold? I am not getting any clear answers to this. Any Hold traders with input, please respond.
  2. Why not call hold brothers and ask them?
  3. I'll do that. Thanks. Just couldn't wait till morning:)

  4. typically speaking CBSX firms will not "hang" your S7
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    could they be members of both... under the tab joining up they say they are Membes ofr FINRA, SIPC, CBSX
  6. yea i saw that. But I am not sure if they will maintain the finra membership according to one of the branch managers. They are apparently still working it out.
  7. most likely because it is much cheaper and you dont need licensed traders.
  8. Thanks, that's good to know. Perhaps it has something to do with the new proposed exam requirement for CBSX firms:

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    wow, individual associated persons must take and pass the new examination, as applicable,
    no later than August 12, 2011. Anyone know if this is going to happen or are there delays....
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    While we are on hold, anyone ever get a reply to their emails. I sent one out a few months ago and never got a reply... also a few days ago and nothing...lol
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