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  1. Does anybody have an opinion of trading at Hold Brothers?

    I am impressed by commision rates and prop tech support. I am pleased with the overall atmosphere there. Just wondering why I hear negative comments on ET.
  2. I haven't heard many negative comments about them at all. I am avid reader/poster on ET and I believe Don Bright had some good things to say about them. Why don't you ask Steve Tvardek, he works there I believe and is successful. Maybe he will see this and chime in.

    I don't trade prop so I don't care much. Just trying to help you out. I do really like their News Strike service. Fast and free.
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    I trade at HB in midtown and I don't have a problem with them as far as reliability and tools to trade with but their compliance department is slow as a mule and it sometimes annoys the shit out of me. Other than that, no problems at all.
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    I have been hearing some things regarding
    their platform having trouble, greybox. Not sure does anyone know anything about that their trading platform?
  5. Thanks Dan, yes I was at Hold for 3+ years :)

    I left in August for various reasons, none having anything to do really with Hold itself. I thought I got treated pretty well there and never really had any major problems with the software or my account or anything really. If there was ever a problem, it was addressed and taken care of in a timely manner. Of course, Hold isnt perfect but as far as prop firms go, I cant say anything bad about them.
  6. Steve - regarding the comment on the Graybox platform problems...do you know anyone there at Hold who can deny or confirm them ?
    BTW: are you trading retail now or what ?
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    Been using the graybox software for 5 months without a single hitch...Fast and reliable period. Yeah during fed announcements we do get some issues but so does a lot of companies out there. Feel free to pm me or reply if you need more details.
  8. Does Hold have any groups where retail (non-licensed) traders can get extended buying power intraday?
  9. Hold just placed ads in several metro areas of Craigslist looking for remote prop traders. Put your $5k down, install Graybox, and you've got $400k in BP....no questions asked.
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    they give you 80:1 no questions asked?

    what kind of comssios at 1-2M a month?

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