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    I am fairly new to this and was hoping someone could help me understand how a trading job at a firm like Hold Brothers works? Do they actually hire you on salary and train you or is it all commissioned based? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. 0 salary at hold. i have not seen hold take in new traders in there main office in JC in the last 2 years. So i assume your join a group in a satellite office? if so figure out what a good commish rate is and expect to pay more then that. you will trade and someone will train you, they will get a part of your upside if your sucessful. if u got any other questions about hold PM me
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    They have information about benefits on their website, do only non-trading employees receive benefits? Like I said, I am new to this and just trying to understand how these firms work. They make it sound like they will hire you to trade as an employee with benefits, etc.
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    If you work there as a trader, you have to pay for your health insurance. It runs around 400/month including dental. There isn't a salary as far as I know. I don't believe they are hiring traders. It may be as Keith stated, that one of their satellite offices is hiring.
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    This is the information on their website:

    Trader Trainee College grads, this is for you. Enter a trainee program as entry-level employee trader. We're looking for highly intelligent, motivated grads with excellent character and team experience. Candidates should be mathematically inclined and have a competitive spirit. We supply sponsorship for Series 7, 63, and 55 exams and mentorship is currently offered in our Jersey City, NJ, corporate headquarters and Manhattan offices. Please send letter and resume. For more details, see the Trader Info section of our web site.
  6. health insurance runs me about $130 a month without a family, pretty good too.

    honestly, website has not been updated in 4 years. your better off finding a another place currently taking traders.

    i hear the morristown office is much better taking in traders and actually has a training program

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    I guess you work there, Keith?
  8. correct
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    Maybe I should just give my resume to you. :)

    I am still unclear as to exactly how these firms work. I know I sound like a moron, but everyone has to learn somewhere.

    Do you bring your own capital, then they give you margin and training, and you pay them a commission from your winnings?
  10. I wouldn't work for Hold..Greg can lick my nuts!

    Dave Flynn is a good guy, that is probably the only good office I would recommend at hold.

    Keith what office do you work at?
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