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  1. Can anyone give me any info on Hold Brothers in NYC and what they are all about. Are they a reputable firm? Do you have to put your own money up or do you trade their capital?
  2. Do a search, you'll find a lot of info on Hold Brothers. FWIW, they are on my "good guy" list of firms.

  3. If you’re new they offer a very bad deal but everybody offers bad deals if you’re new and have no money. If your new and have 5k they will offer a fair deal but make sure you know what a fair deal is. If you’re in the business a few years and can put down 5k they can give you a very competitive deal.
  4. Well what do you consider a bad deal and what do you consider a good deal. I went to a place where they offered .002 tenths of a penny per share and 100% payout no fees no software fees. And another wehre they offered .006 tenths per share thought they were nuts.
  5. who offered you .002 per share and no software fees?. it seems you're new in the bus to not havve heard of hold brothers yet you ahve people offering you .002
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    you dont have to say "tenths"
  7. I know who Hold Brothers are just wanted so info if someone has met with them thats and not new on the bus been trading for 2 years.
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    I love these Newbies that only care about rates. There are so many other factors that go into making a decision. For example:

    1. Stability of firm
    2. Reliability of trading system
    3. Training that they offer/ Mentorship

    Just to name a few. I started trading 2yrs ago at a penny a share and 70% payout. You need to learn how to trade first. It doesn't matter if they let you trade for free and 100% payout, if you do not know how to make money what's the point....
  9. How do you know I dont know how to trade I am taking all factors into consideration people are very harsh on this site, how bout we put or egos to rest and just be helpful. People make assumptions of others without knowing who they are. Everyones a big shot here.
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    well because you're asking about what a good deal is based on only rates..i mean isn't it common sense which is the better deal if you're just comparing rates?
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