Hold Brothers...good? bad?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by akim119, May 7, 2003.

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    I am an experienced prop. trader and currently looking for another firm to go to with my group. Was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback on Hold Brothers and their "Graybox" platform, thanks. (please don't PM me if your message is about another firm other than Hold Brothers)
  2. If you were thinking of trading prop I don't know if they are hiring in this environment but could be wrong. I know they recently did some more downsizing of personel and offices so they are running a pretty lean crew. If I were you I would write a person named Calibertrader on here because I think he trades with him. He would probably give you a good idea of the current situation with them and their software. I have not seen him around here much anymore so I don't know if that is good or bad or even if his group is still with Hold Brothers.
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    Thanks for your feedback...I'll try to contact the other trader mentioned...:)
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    pm me, i used to work at hold, i might be able to help you out...
  5. Hold is still hiring for their prop area, you can PM for the info.
  6. hiring you mean without you putting up one $1?
  7. Yes. I took chance and pulled up Monster.com. Always interesting to see who is hiring, which I am surprised Worldco is still advertising considering their new stance on prop trading. Anyway Hold has an advertisement with no mention of putting money up and trading firm money as an employee with benefits. I would never consider going there based on what I know about them, but then again I am in different circumstance than a new trader would be in.
  8. their website had the link disabled the other day for professional trading opportunities...
  9. I guess things change real fast over there. I was just trying to pass on the info that I knew of at the time but truthfully have not been keeping up. I assumed the recent Monster ad meant they were hiring. That is why I suggested contacting calibertrader though.
  10. They are still hiring.
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