Hold Brothers Chapter 11?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by trader963, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. I heard hold is on hold filing for ch11 ........truth or untruth?
  2. The rumors do persist ...
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    The rumors keeps swirling, but the firm has begun growing again. The same rumors have swirled about most other firms in the business, and most of them are still operating. Alot of the firms have done a great job in cutting unecessary costs, and begun running operations like a normal businesses do. At one time all these firms gave their traders everything under the sky to keep them their.
  4. the cherry on the sunday.....
  5. if they are filing, which wouldn't suprise anyone, its because the hold bros were smart enough to pay themselves over 10million a yr. i think the real surprise is they were smart enough to bank money. its almost like they knew their management skills would eventually kill what was once a really good place to be for traders.
  6. They are currently looking for suckers to bail them out. Too bad the ex CEO of Scamscape.com couldn't help him out. According to the latest classified ad, Gregg Hold was selling his Ferrari along with his member only jacket collection.
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    i want to see picture of that party they had linked on here!!!
  8. That picture was too funny!:D
  9. i want to go to a party like that,,,,,,,is that where all their money went???
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    there was a post yesteday that they just went self-clearing.
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