Hold Brothers Buyout?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Speedracer, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. I am on the west coast and am hearing rumors that Hold Brothers had bankers in the Jersey City office all day last Thursday and Friday in closed door meetings? Are there any Jersey hold traders out there that can confirm or deny this? The brothers Hold are denying such, but they deny everything. Thanks
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    they may be in talks with andover.
  3. If we are speculating, why not go with the theory that the banker types were there to help them avoid bankrupcy? It is all a guess... who cares?
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    What ever happened with this? I imagine nothing happened from nothing being posted.

  5. Didn't see this thread. The guys that were there at the closed door meeting were big traders from another firm looking to get a clearing deal with Hold. How do I know, I know the traders that were there. As for being bought out, I know they've tried in the past, but at this point I think they need to completely solidify themselves before anyone would consider them. If someone was interested I could only see it for the execution and self clearing technology.

    It's funny, everytime Greg has a closed door meeting with anyone everyone runs around the office thinking someone is buying them out.
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    Pure speculation. Absolutely no truth to it. HB is dying a slow death. Having worked there for 3 years I wouldn't be surprised if they're dried up within the next year or two.
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    I was at the Chicago office this summer at the MERC. In an office that could house 50+, I saw two guys, and one was the manager.

  8. Thanks CaliberTrader
  9. No problem. If I here anything I'll let you guys know, but we'll be the first out the door. LOL.
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    Also having worked there for about a year, I can tell you they are slowly dying out. I heard they had an auction of some of their equipment recently and people from the other floors came to bid on it. How miserable must it be there??? Does anyone still trade with them???
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