Hold Brothers and Broker Ratings

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  1. Looks like the Hold Brothers are tired of being ripped in the Broker Ratings section as I can not find the thread there anymore. That is really pathetic that their business is in such bad shape that they can't afford to let traders vent about the poor management of their firm anymore. Maybe they should have thought that this kind of backlash could happen after they continually stick it to their contracted employees.

    I did enjoy the pictures of the hold brothers party that was posted the other day by someone on here. Good to see they are still spending the traders violation and tradebreak money in such a smart way. Maybe they should have spent that money on making things better for their traders, but no, instead they throw pathetic parties because afterall, eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow that firm might die.(at least that is the way rumor has it lately) Good riddens Brothers Hold.
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    Where is the party picture? I need a good laugh.
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    so now we have 2 firms that have had their company removed from the broker's rating page. Hold Bros and ETG, i'm sure it was just bitter "employees" that couldn't trade!!!!! i wonder if Hold Bros threatened legal action against this site just like ETG???? i may give Don Bright some grief every once in awhile but at least he stands up to the plate. I don't know the first thing about Hold bros but given this action i can't help but take the side of the traders. BTW, that link to the Hold Bros Charity event was hilarious!!!!
  4. Where is that link to the charity event, I didn't get to see that yet?
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    I received a notice from Hold Brother's attorney yesterday that requested the company be removed from the Broker ratings system.

    However, this is a little different from when ETG requested to be removed because I was the one who suggested it this time. The comments about Hold were getting so vicious that I was getting several emails per week (sometimes several per day) from their attorney requesting that certain posts be removed because they contained so many false/misleading statements. I've got better things to do than deal with that stuff all day, so I suggested that the company just pull out, which they did.

    This probably could have been avoided if the comments about Hold would have just been negative, instead of malicious and full of personal attacks.
  6. Thanks for keeping us informed.
  7. that webpage was deleted a few days ago. but it's still on google's cache, go to google.com's advanced search, put "charity" in terms to look for and holdbrotherscharity.com in site or domain, search, then just click on google's cache of the pages that come up. take a peek before the hold brothers sue google!! enjoy !!! :p
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    actually, my above post does not work. Sorry.
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    I've noticed that there's not too many ugly broads at these Hold Brothers parties. They must be doing something right!

    Although I'd have to admit, that party looked like the largest collection of gold-diggers in North America.
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