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  1. Hi. Just wondering if anyone here has had experience in using Hold Bros.' Graybox system to implement their autotrading system(Excel-VB)

    How did you get off the ground being that the documentation seems to be sparse, and what support did you get from the programmers in case you got stuck? Thanks . Comments on speed and stability would also be welcomed.
  2. I would think that out of the hundreds of Hold traders out there , someone would be using their API? Anyone?
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    You know, these posts pop up all the time. Why don't you invest the time to learn FIX? That way, porting your execution part to a new broker probably takes a day of recoding.

    I know that is not directly relevant to the original question, but it is worth noting.

  4. Does anyone here know how to get level 1 quotes from Graybox onto Excel? Thanks
  5. Am I the only one that can't program without seeing an API sample put out by the broker? IOW, is is a reasonable expectation to start programming an API using the API's object browser alone (f2 help in VB) without the benefit of sample code snippets?

    Aghhh..so frustrating esp if the support from broker is minimal.
  6. exactly Dude...and you want to know WHY tech support at prop firms sucks ?
    It's because the BUSINESS SUCKS.
    Prop's are at 20-50% of previous 1999-2000 volumes.

    Prop's have had to raise rates significantly to counter the volume descent....but at the same time, the RETAIL brokers have dropped rates significantly past 4 years.
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    Uhhh..... exsqueeze me?

    Prop firms have raised rates considerably? I'd estimate commission rates are 50-80% lower than they were 3 years ago.
  8. But, is that decline proportional to the huge decline in retail / online trading rates ?
  9. prop rates have dropped much more than retail.s ago smtd was $8 now it's $10.99. waterhouse and amny others have the same rates as 3 years ago
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    Retail has, indeed, dropped substantially to match prop - talking about prop firms' retail operations (like Assent, Genesis, etc.) and per-share rates now from all-retail places like MBT and IB, not TDW/AMTD, ET, etc.
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