Hold Bros Grey Box Issues

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by syswizard, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. I saw a live demo of Grey Box recently.
    Just wanted to confirm these issues:
    1) no option for a message or pop-up when order is filled
    2) no option for a message or pop-up if limit order is placed below mark and IOC is set on
    3) no bracket order capability

    Am I correct on all of the above ?
    If so, then WOW, this software could use some improvements.
  2. No one here trading thru Hold ?
  3. tradertek


    I used to trade through them and it did not have any of those features. I will say that I had no problems with them and they were very fast and reliable. I think it is more geared to scalpers. Very basic platform but low latency.
  4. Thanks for that response, but one might ask: why don't they spend a few bucks and upgrade it ? I've heard this from story from someone else as well.
  5. Thus it's a trading "Crapform", not a "Platform".
  6. tradertek


    I switched to futures because I have to have brackets and my style worked better with the indexes anyway.
  7. Who do you trade through?
  8. bro59


    I'm using this platform.

    Front end is much like any other platform from a manual trader's perspective. Back end appears to be shite. I've had more data problems than anything else I've ever used: my own orders fail to show up on LII, lots of stale data esp on Arca, and a T and S which is so minimalist that it's almost worthless.

    This is a basic offering with a very low price, and I applaud the effort. I just get frustrated after the 3rd VOIP call to tech support in India fails to fix these issues. Hold seems quite upstanding, if a bit frustrating lately re shorts.

    I'm planning on panning Graybox on the software reviews when I get around to it. Depending on your needs it may be an ok option but they could do better.
  9. How many times have I heard this ? Outsourced software support = poor support, no resolutions.
    Shame on Hold.
  10. In it something is. Thanks for an explanation. All ingenious is simple.
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