HOLD AAPL or sell before the close??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FAST.AM, Oct 22, 2007.

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    I'm long 1000 Shares of AAPL @ 170. My trading account has been restricted to cash only and I cant buy until stock settlement next day. I like apple here however I would take my profit and jump back in after the earnings, But I cant get back in because account restricted..
    Do i sell or hold or jump out the window ? lol
  2. I would hold bro... I think their earnings are gonna be good. The shorts were out for blood and are getting stomped today... look at Garmin's chart... the thing jumped up 5 points on no news.
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    so lets see your up nearly 5000 bucks and your worried that your restricted account wont let you in after the earnings announcement. How did you achieve having your account restricted???
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    "Excessive Liquidation" on Fridays close.. Could you image the crap!!! Market crashing and i get screwd
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    GRMN. Yes Agree . Holiday season should drive these home. GRMN has a hight PE also. The market is still driving high PE stocks higher..
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    buy the rumor, sell the news. with the stock up a lot today, i'd be careful out there. aapl at an all-time high for the most part. if you're a long term holder, then the intraday movement shouldn't bother you. if you're trading out tomorrow after earnings are released I'd be careful.

    Should have done it like i did ... got aapl with a cost basis of $4.50/share :D
  7. My trading account has been restricted to cash only and I cant buy until stock settlement next day.!!!!

    You and me both brother!

    If you buy Apple at $170 you might as well hold the damn thing... This is an interesting qtr for them everyone is rah rah about the Mac computer again and they have a new opperating system coming out. I expect a clash though tomorrow between a read on the consumer and Apple tech which is very consumer focused. I imagine many people are writing calls and such and protecting their positions on Apple so the first move undoubtedly will be UP. Do you sell mid day? I think so. ~ stoney
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    Yeah I hear everyone -- decisions , decisions,.. I believe they also announce stock split but i think ill sell half my position at 3:50 or so. if history dictates it self with company's earnings the final 10 minutes of the trading day they run up............. who knows...... the bar is set so dam high.. i dont remember past appl earnings did the stock get chomped after the earnings??
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    Thanks nice write up .
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