Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ggoyal, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. ggoyal


    anyone notcie HOKU again. It keeps spiking up in the middle of the day.$9-$9.40 seems like a good buying price. anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Don't know whether to make a play. Took a nice dump today to 8.60. May be good for a .25-.75 move to the 9's again. Would like to see it dump a little more before the next bounce.

    Same thoughts with CSUN.

    Or have these stocks run their course?

    I think better stocks to play out there. Maybe another week or two to play he China pump and dumps again long?
  3. Another pump and dump move in Hoku. I pussied out and never bought the dips. Nice move pre-market on a new "deal".

    Don't know if it can manage a move back to $9 before it turns over....
  4. Another "inked" deal. Dump it into spike!

    About the 9th pump over $10 again. What a manipulated POS!
  5. ggoyal


    yeah its up like 30% afterhours. might keep rallying tomorrow, might trend down whole day. who knows!!! best thing to do is just scalp it. little by little