HOKU-Hoku Scientific

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by silver914, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Anybody else playing this week? I've been in and out. Currently long at $7.355. Looking for a volume spike and a big move on news, otherwise I'll take the .30 or .40 move.
  2. jsv416


    Do you see something besides the news this morning that had limited effect on price. Technical pattern?
  3. I haven't played it it awhile. Don't like the action on it and most solar pump and dumps.

    I think she has been used and abused. Who know's if you hold it, you may get lucky and get some solar wafer deal on a gap up.
  4. I'm not concerned with the news out this morning. Not the news about the reactor(s) anyway. The new 8k was interesting. You may disagree, but I'm taking it as a positive sign that they upped their compensation from bonuses while awaiting news about the last bit of financing for the Pocatello location. I don't think they'd take the bonus if the financing wasn't imminent. I could be wrong, but at $7.355 I'm close enough to an apparent floor that I think I can bail if I need to.

    Technically though I think it's ripe for a rip. That's my main impetus for the play. Pure speculation. Willing to hold for two weeks. Or trade in and out of this current range.
  5. Out this morning at 8.36. Got back in when it closed the gap at 7.99.
  6. Okay then...

    that was a nice little run to 10 for HOKU. Not in it at this moment. Looking to see what it does from here. I'm thinking pullback, but then again it might just level off here in the mid to low nines. I'll give it a week or so and see how it plays out.

    Right now getting a position in ABAT. It looks to be in the bottom of a channel.