Hogan's bottom

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  1. Hogan's bottom is at Dow 7773. Will we test it today, or is Hogan's bottom just a bunch of BS?
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    Don't know who "Hogan" is, but if he's right, he's a "hero".
  3. Prediction: Hogan should go stock up on butt paste.
  4. Yes, it is likely Hogan's bottom will be taken out and then all will be very worried of much lower prices. That will be someone else's bottom, but not Hogan's. Maybe Someone's bottom will be THE bottom. :)
  5. :D :eek: :cool:
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    Naw, that aint Hogans bottom, that's Shultz's bottom.:D
  7. I prefer Michelle Carruso-Cabrera's bottom:)

    (I remember Erin Burnett saying something about Hogan's bottom being violated already and then bringing him on the air. He looked pissed and actually I don't blame him).
  8. I dont think there are any pics of it. All shots of her are frontal.

    The fact that the blogosphere is going nuts regarding this stimulus and the selloff may be a contrarian indicator in itself. Seems hard to have capitulation when there is so much fervor. People have not forgotten about stocks.
  9. Dow 7773 could be approaching...
    Hogan's bottom could get pounded!
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