Hog hunting

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  1. Im off to do a hog hunt at the weekend in Texas, Im going with my Bow- Can anyone reccomend the best place to aim the broadhead for a quick kill?Lungs or head shot etc..?
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    I'd definitely be aiming for the heart and lungs with a bow.

  3. 1. Make sure you have a large caliber side arm just in case

    2. Do not be on the ground when you try to hit it

    3. See rule #1

    4. Headshot with a bow, no. Heart and lungs, it will bleed out in the body cavity, you won't even have to bleed it.

    5. See rule 2.

    The Ever Making Rules VIPER
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    ...and this is a good idea too if the game laws in your hunting area allow for it.
  5. Of course I will carry a side arm-and a knife if all goes pear shaped
  6. Buddy of mine hunts 'em with an AK-47 from astride a 4-wheeler.

  7. Where possible, aim for a hit below the "top" section of the shoulder cartilage. That can be tough to pierce effectively, depending on range, if you have yourself a Boar, especially if you shooting from elevation, (a tree hide) for example.

    Ideally, with a rifle, you would basically aim for the shoulder joint, however, more finesse is required with a bow-you want to sneak around the shoulder joint, IIRC, the heart itself sits a touch higher in the chest cavity than a deer, which is actually much lower than you would think.
  8. isnt a head shot a better option then?
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    What pound setting on the bow

    Using mechanical (unadvisable) or broad heads

    Hope you’ve been practicing – it’ll be a relatively small aim point

    Know you yardage pins well

    Best shot – quartering away – aim for the chest cavity

    Second best – right behind the ear where is attaches to the head

    Shoulder shot – and this depends on the size of the hog – too thick very high potential to be non lethal

    Head shot - too small of a target and mostly bone

    Broad side – very likely hit a rib and be non leathal

    Piss a hog off (by only wounding him) – it will likely chase / rush you – and if it has any size to it – it will mess you up

    Yes carry a pistol…, better still have a second hunter with a long gun

    They hear, smell really well – stay down wind

    Saturday a front is moving in – bring warn cloths

    Good Hunting – and shoot to kill

    Post some pictures next week please

  10. Cheers for the advice Redkneck- got my Bow set at 80 llbs
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