Hog and Cattle Spreads

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  1. Looking to enter Long June Cattle , Short Auggie Cattle at 62.5 to the buy side.
  2. Trade executed today

    Long June Cattle .625 premium to June side
    Short Auggie Cattle
  3. Will look to enter more Long June Cattle ,Short Auggie Cattle this week at .30 premium to the June side. I will double my position at that level.
  4. momoNY



    Are you on Atkins diet ? :D

    I barely understand what spreads are, let alone live cattle. Best of luck.

  5. Price target for entry has been changed to .325
  6. looking to exit my Long June Hogs, Short April Hogs at 7.80 to the June side. I was in at 6.05 to the June, but I realize this holds no validity since I had not created the journal and posted that entry.
  7. Trades in Hogs and Cattle mentioned before have not been executed yet. Good to Cancel orders are still in effect.

    Still Long June Cattle
    Short Auggie Cattle

    Still Long June Hogs
    Short April Hogs

  8. changed entry to .35 and I was filled. Average entry is now .4875
  9. Back from Hawaii

    I see that on the 22nd, my spread order to Sell June Hogs and buy April Hogs at 7.80 premium to the June side, was executed. This was a closeout of my position where I was long the June, short the April from 6.05 premium to the June side. --- 1.75 pts profit per contract. ($700 per)
  10. So far, the Long June Cattle ,Short Auggie Cattle spread is not panning out the way I would like. Oh well, even seasonality sometimes fails. We'll stay with it for a bit more and then move on.
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