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  1. Hey, was wondering if anybody had any info on this area in general?



    Real Estate prices


    Internet connection! :D

    Thanks in advance..
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    Hey reef,

    Lived in Hoboken for 2 yrs and on my way out next month.

    Nightlife is fine, Lots of bars. Plenty of good restaurants to choose from.

    Crime is low in terms of getting mugged on the street but corruption is an entirely different story.

    Real estate prices have been steadily falling and I feel pretty confident that they have a ways to go.

    The rental market has actually started to drop since most people that can't sell have decided to rent their places out. Huge inventory in this area due to this and other factors. I spoke to a landlord last week that said that things are so soft in the rental market that he will give incentives to tenants that are considering a move in order to keep what he has. Take a walk through Hoboken and you will see all the rental signs.
    BTW.. Do not pay a fee.. landlord needs to pay that in these times.

    Taxes, Taxes and more taxes!!! First off you are moving to Jersey, I really shouldn't have to say more.
    Real estate taxes went up 40% last year in Hoboken. (yes, 40%) Apparently the city gov't could not agree on the budget so the state took over. Not sure of all the details but RE taxes did go up 40%.

    Did I mention corruption in Hoboken?

    Internet connection are fine for trading if that is what you are asking.

    Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.
  3. I have family that lives there.

    Hoboken before the ferry was an also-ran; really not much different from living in queens. Then it got a bit trendy to live there and a corridor to the path developed with a very upper west side/ upper upper east side college kiddie bar type environment. Those kids grew up and some stayed, so now its quite a bit more residential - in my mind, its a reasonable alternative to manhattan along the lines of living in the heights (brooklyn) if you don't want the city.

    There are lots of very nice new apartment buildings that one can buy or rent a place in and get a view of NYC. Not cheap. Also some run-down apartments that are small and old, just like living on the east side towards 1st ave. Can't vouch for the 'nightlife' but assume its still a yuppie bar environment with city access nearby. Wouldn't expect cool discos or culture like that - that's across the river. Crime is probably the same as NYC/brooklyn, but there are some less nice areas in NJ in nearer proximity that haven't gentrified yet and will probably reverse in a downturn. Taxes are NJ taxes - high. And don't forget that if you work in NYC you have to pay NY taxes also. I wouldn't worry about Net connection speeds but someone else might have a better idea.

    Oh, and parking is an absolute nightmare. Perhaps worse than the city, as there are less streets and hoboken is a small area to begin with.

    Hope that helps. Just my opinion, and I don't live there.
  4. It may have been less untrendy to live in Hoboken for a while. Live in Manhattan or Brooklyn with a roomate. Your love life will be a lot less complicated unless you want to focus on NJ girls.
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  6. DO NOT listen to MS unless you like driving in your car everytime you want to do anything.

    There is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING within walking distance of the Henley complex except the ferry to NY.

    Move on the water in Hoboken. The ferry is right out the door from anywhere on the north east side of town (so are a ton of bars, restaurants, and lounges.)
    Hoboken is only one square mile, but you would be amazed how quickly the town goes downhill the farther you get away from the water.

    Check out-

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    slug is spot-on for the hoboken stuff. i lived there for years, and have a few friends who are still there.

    the reason the taxes went up so much in one year is because (condensed down for simplicity) they didn't raise taxes for 15 years. the politics in hoboken are extremely corrupt...

    the cheapest place to live in town tends to be in the middle, because the north end has one ferry, south end has the path / ferry. the light rail has made the west side of town, which used to be "the projects" and unlivable vacant lots, now it's "the projects" surrounded by lots o' relatively expensive places. i wouldn't want to live on the western part, since you're more isolated / away from things.

    you'll find on weekends that out-of-towners cram the bars on washington st, locals will go there periodically but then hit the inner-city bars much more.

    the quality of restaurants has increased; it's still far below what it should be, but is making progress. the mozz in hoboken is amazing; vito's, which many consider better than any place in nyc, is my second fave place (biancamano's! mom n pop, still around on 11th/washington...i think they own their shop).

    i haven't played basketball there in a few years, but 4th/bloomfield would usually have decent games on the weekends, starting at 830 (!) am. nothing compared to nyc games, of course, but a good workout.

    oh, internet insanely easy.

    maxwell's is a real nice dive nightclub with tons of great acts. i saw oasis there years ago (when they still played something mildly interesting).

    edit: clubber lang +1. of course, that should go without saying...
  8. Excellent food,pretty woman & access to everything in Hoboken.

    i have an apartment for rent right in the hub........7th & Washington......PM me if intersted!


  9. with parking?

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