Hoax or Motherload????

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  2. So its not the same thing, damn I thought i would be rich :mad:
    How different is shale oil for light sweet???
  3. Hoax or motherload?

    How about just "load"?
  4. It probably cost like $100 to extract the oil from this stuff...
  5. javascript:void(window.open('http://rds.yahoo.com/S=53720274/K=energy/v=2/SID=w/R=1/l=NVR/SIG=12jmgco2f/EXP=1157433771/*-http%3A//cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/news?ch=49799&cl=797171&lang=en', 'playerWindow','width=793,height=608,scrollbars=no'));

    I think it sounds promising.

    Copy/paste the above link into a brower to see the vid.


  6. Old news.................they stick heating rods deep into the ground to heat up the shale to get the oil to move to a vaporous state to then pump out of the ground. There is a lot of potential possibly, but there is a long road to travel with environmental concerns and local politics....we will see.

  7. No....about $40 a barrel equivalent with the "heating rod" extraction methods.

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