hmmmm, frontrunning ? Could be.

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  1. Something strange happened twice. Once is random, twice is a trend.

    I was placing an order with a broker at a major firm (stock was not tradable online) for small shares.

    Very thin trading, almost nothing in this stock.

    In BOTH cases, just before they SENT the order, but AFTER they 'entered' it into their system, a bid was placed just in front of my order.

    The timing was perfect. The chance of both of these being a coincidence is quite small.

    I'd think this was illegal to alert anyone to a pending order.

    Anyone else see this happen to them. It would need to be on a slow stock, you'll never see it on an active one.
  2. You got "pennied".

    Happens all the time with automated trading programs.
    You have over 5,600 posts on ET and you've never seen this before in thinly traded stocks?
    This has been going on for years, especially in afterhours.
    Where have you been???
  3. sounds like a program jumped in front of you. it happens to me all the time.
  4. And here is dip shit Landis running around shooting his mouth off, never once making and trading calls just runs around shooting off his big mouth.
  5. The better question is why are you trading odd lots in a stock so thin you cant access it electronically?
  6. LOL, maybe the BSD's are waiting to find out what he's going to do before they trade. You never know it could be Bernanke himself peaking over your shoulder. Good trading to ya Skippy.

    :D :cool:
  7. Really what would be the point in deliberately front running a tiny odd lot in a very thin issue? What is the best expected out come for the front runner 10 bucks?
  8. I hope you guys trade better than you read or your families are in jeopardy.

    I won't explain myself again. Read my post , 20 times if need be.

    See Dick Run. See Jane Run.
  9. Yeah genius, I guess I'm just not that good at "photo-shopping" bogus ES trades like you . . .

    All from someone that was wondering a few weeks back if the FED could put a price "cap" on a global commodity like crude oil . . .

    :D :D :D

  10. LOL what a dope...
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