Hmmm. England grants socialists referendum to secede from the United Kingdom.

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  1. Scotland to vote on leaving the Union as David Cameron agrees referendum
    2:04PM BST 15 Oct 2012

    The Prime Minister and Scotland's First Minister today sealed a deal to grant the government in Edinburgh the power to hold a referendum on independence.

    A referendum will happen in two years time.

    Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, also claimed that official figures showed that almost nine out of 10 Scottish households took more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes.

    An ICM poll earlier this year showed that more people backed Scottish independence in England than in Scotland.

    Scotland mainly votes socialist labor and England mainly votes conservative...The English are cutting the socialists loose.
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    This is probably true but it seems french speaking Belgium have their own secessionist leanings.

    Scary thought for the french that Wallonie might secede and change its capital friendly tax regulations, as throves of wealthy frogs are fleeing there for tax reasons - plus the french speaking environment.

    I definetely empathise with the english impulse to let Scotland secede btw, I would most gladly let all of France secede from Western Paris and move back there (Western paris) - but don't hold my breath :(
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    I read the FT link and quickly googled the issue and it seems secessionism is much stronger among the flemish than the french speaking population, the difference beeing more pronounced than I thought.
  5. The Scots are treacherous commies and should be tried and prosecuted for their terrorism.

    Scots freed the Lockerbie bombers too.
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    So there's no way the vote for independence will pass, but it brings the debate to the forefront. Who are those 28% that want to leave the UK? You can be pretty sure that they are not recipients of welfare from London.

    BTW, I was once discussing Northern Ireland with a person from England. He told me all good Englishmen want a united Ireland.
  7. I wish we could have a vote on secession here.

    If Obama is reelected or manages to steal the election, I imagine 10 or 12 states would vote to secede.
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    They can secede anytime they want. They can just tell the feds to keep their money for schools and such. It might be worth it in the case of states that are overrun with illegals, the savings in the schools, jails and hospitals might offset the cost of operating their own border.

    I'd love to have a job with the Texas Border Patrol. I'd hunt coyotes day and night. Damn, outfit me with a sniper rifle and pay me $5000/head and I'd be all over that job. It would beat trading in the area of personal satisfaction... I'm squeezing the trigger and I'm thinking "should have been fixing your shithole of a country instead of wiping your ass on mine, bitch". Actually that is quite a bit to think when squeezing a trigger, normally it's more like "I hate loud misses" but nonetheless, the job satisfaction would outweigh all risks, I'm thinking...