Hmm.. AMZN now also a negative beta stock

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by scriabinop23, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Bought Dec 115 put when price was at 122.80 and S&P at 1087. Now S&P at 1063 and AMZN unchanged.

    What a market... What a market.
  2. News did not reach them yet that they are operating in reverse mode. Once they realize it, they might speed it up a bit to catch up.

    I shorted it at 123.70.

    Once it is below 122, they should get it.
  3. S2007S


    If you can time shorting this just right you can make a great amount of $$$$$$$$.

    Looking very much overbought.
  4. Well that was a quick point and change against you.

    Where is your stop on this paper trade?

    Edit- Now it has ripped $2.80 against you in exactly one hour.

    Watch out for papercuts! LMAO.

    (Guaranteed he comes back and says he covered for a small loss)
  5. dumb... dumb dumb dumb dumb....
  6. gobar


    major resistance @ 125 to 127 level..

    i think it will not clear this hurdle unless we rally hard in S&p 500

    Man i missed today i new amazon would go to 125 and i was planning to buy nov 125 call for 3.25 but i did not.. easy money gone

    now i will go and buy some put which will be hard money..

    dumb me
  7. gobar


    RSI well above 80 upper end of BB

    all r telling AMZN is due for 5 to 8 pullback

    right now 125.

    maybe within next few week
  8. sub0


    I'm glad I didn't short this earlier. I had a feeling it still had some legs so stayed away. :D
  9. actually the 115 put i bought this morning is actually up in value even though the stock is a $ higher (123.90) than where I purchased it at. implied volatility has been climbing up today.