HLYS the next UARM and CROX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jmoo, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. jmoo


    Take a look at CROX and UARM. Both retail, both innovative with hot product lines. IMO HLYS could make a nice move just like the above mentioned. HLYS for those who don't know makes footwear with wheels built in that can be activated on the fly. Kids are eating these up. It's the holiday season and these are selling off the shelves. IPO was initially priced at 16-18 and it went as high as 38 on it's opening day and is currently in the low 30's. Do your own dd.
  2. RiverRat


    What price would you buy HLYS?
  3. the first kid killed on these dangerous things and this stock could tank.
  4. Bigcharts.com shows only four days of trading for HLYS. How do you trade a security with so short a history?
  5. Its only ten+ days until Christmas. Once Christmas is over, where will be the upside? I say it sells off in Jan-Feb.