HLYS IPO Anybody??

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by tommymoose, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Waiting for it to drop this morning... anybody know what time? This one got the same ol' Cramer hype that NMX did and has a 6.25M share float aswell :D
  2. meggs


    Can anyone tell me how to buy this (or any IPO) when it opens with IB? When I tried to place an opening limit order (LOO), I got an error message that the contract could not be valued and my order was cancelled. Is the any way to buy this near or at the opening besides staring at the screen until it opens and then placing an order with IB?
  3. I will tell you how to place it with IB. Sit there at your monitor waiting for it to open. Then once it starts trading, then get to it.

    I think you can set an alert. Set the alert that any volume over 1 will sound the alarm.

    I am almost certain that if you dont get in within the first 2 minutes it may be too late or too risky.
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    Thank you for your reply, Eagle.
  5. MBT is down.... im gonna shit a brick... worst timing for a crash ever
  6. No sign of it... Is it possible that its IPOing tonight and then will be tradable tomorrow morning?
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    how would you handle differently your trading in hlys based upon the time the stock it opens eg 3:00 or 3:30 or 3:45?
  8. I dont see it even being as priced yet. Hoovers has it still in "proposed" status and they are usually reliable in real time.

    Its probably gonna price tonight and trade tomorrow.
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    due out tomorrow, original price 16-18 but it has been upped to 20-22 range, im sure it will trade in the 25-30 range.
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    was the waiting all for nothing?
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