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    Why Why is charlie vacarro the ceo of the palce we trade at talking about looking for gas and petroleum in canada????? Is this for real they are quoteing him as sayin he is excited and will file for name and symbol change to reflect the new business in time . This article is like 5 days old wat WTF. HERE LOOK FOR YOURSELF. http://www.marketwire.com/mw/release_html_b1?release_id=146704

    So does this mean that they use our deposits to secure a loan to go do some crazy shit in canada ? I dont get this soeone set me straight.
  2. Does that mean you're energy traders now? :D
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    funny wise ass if you dont have anything good to say keep it to yourself. Trying to find out what the hell is going on here. If you know anything about this let me know.
  4. All I know is what the article says. It appears HLV is shifting towards becoming a junior oil & gas company. I would assume the trading business would be a secondary concern now. Probably just a source of funds to explore the new properties.

    With more than a few guys on this site bitching about not getting paid, if I had any money with them I would scoop it and run.

    The fact that they haven't told the traders about this beyond issuing a press release is a point of concern. Frankly, I am surprised it took 6 days before someone posted it here on Elite.

  5. Too funny! :eek:
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    glad everyone finds fuckin comedy in this. what ever happened to being able to be a man of your words. If you dont have any input please keep the comments. There are about to be alot of peolpe angry and possibly out of deposits. This could happen to any of you so maybe helping and not harassing. I am tryin to be calm about it so do the same. I knew that ment they were prob using our funds on deposit ( which are on deposit every day at the close of business) to make other investments. well if you know somthing post it if not keep moving.
  7. Umm the last sentence doesn't sound good to me. .........

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 26, 2006 -- HLV Trading, Inc. (PINK SHEETS: HLVC) announces today the Company is embarking on a focus of responsible development and exploration of oil and gas resources in North America. HLVC will divest its existing business of equity trading in the near future to focus on the resource sector.

    here's a link to 4 recent press releases.......

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    thanks read all those. already got a call intothe street. com and wall st journal . as well as the stock patrol editor. I guess I will find out on monday when I calleric and pete. I woder why megadon ( a guy oon this site never knew about this )
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    it seems to me that .....the trading biz has been split off from the public entity hlvc.......and that its no big deal......the public shell by entering in to the oil and gas biz seeks to capitalize on the markets valuation of said oil gas and land rights.............................its an attempt to get the stock up.....and its a pretty good one........just look at xon s......earnings..hlvc...its now a hot pink sheet stock........funny a few years ago all you had to do with a cheep stock was change the name to .com these days all you do is start exploring for oil and gas.........

    you must never underestimate what people will accept as far as stocks go ....just think....most people dont buy stocks...the stocks are sold to them

    so now hlvc oil and gas co........needs to morph itself in to global energy trading giant by stating that it also trades other energy companys stocks and options....wich is true...sounds good..yes

    as far as the equity trading bis goes it now seems to be at arms length from the public co...witch is probably a good thing...but if you trade their it might be a good idea to trade energy co and the bigger the better in press releases


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    Look who are you ? you know way too much and are not telling the whole story. If tht is what you think then can you please explain to me and other hlv traders wat is going on with the press release we never even heard of on july 14, 20 ,23? I dont think you get it the article quotes the CEO OF HLV as saying we are divesting from equity trading . So now what ? what money did they use to secure 640 acres of land in canada? why is it that the same people who had sold off the shell of auto.com pr whatever it was before it was HLV are still the president and se/ tresurer of the firm. someone better start talkin quick.
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