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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by caru423, Jul 31, 2006.

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  1. caru423


    I was astounded on friday to find a press release on HLV divesting the trading business and going into oil as well as articles saying negitive things about them. I was hoping that by starting the thread inquiring about these articles would get me some answers, all it did was aggrivate me and steer me in the wrong direction. Well after voicing my opinions (strongly) I still had no real answers . I spoke to the management at HLV today 7-31-06 they explained in great detail that there trading operation is in no way associated with the search for oil and natural gas, they are seperate. At no time was anything done with trader funds or comingling of any sort. They even expressed that perhaps they should have sent out a firm wide e-mail. So I guess it turns out the firm is on the up and up. If you would like the long version you will have to contact them ( I dont want to miss speak. Anyway they are also having no problem paying my deposit in a timely manner. I may have lowerd the stndard by using foul language what can I say I am a new yorker sorry. Got yelled at for it so I am trying to keep it clean here. the BOTTOM LINE is the firm is in order they have been through an audit and alot of scrutiny as of late and they have come out clean. I would recomend this firm to trades with no license or enough capital to trade a 25k account. I may sound like a commercial, I feel I owe it to them. After many traders including myself werel speculating on what was going on at the firm . Thanks for listening and magna thanks for not kickin me off the site.
  2. megadon


    it all turned out as i suspected.........but i guess you have to find these things out for yourself...........m........you did the right thing voicing yourself after all turned out ok.........
  3. caru423


    thanks hope everyone shares the same opinon.:cool:
  4. bbing


    caru, did you receive your deposit? Ive been waiting for mine for
    more that 3 months. Since I run a fultime business in addition to
    trading(with another firm now) I simply have not had the time
    to go to New York and confront C. Vaccarro and demand payment
    on my trader account. I'm sorry, but these guys are really dishonest, and karma will eventually heap a heavy burden on
    their lives for not paying traders on their equity. No business can
    endure by screwing others over.
  5. You guys are all full of crap. HLV is a fraud company. They were already caught making false internet reports about themselves and some opening Nasdaq bell. They lied. Now they are lying and making false rumors about some oil fraud company they invested in, in Canada. Why Candada? Why not America? I'll tell you why, because it is eary to take investors money and disappear in Candada and the American Government can't do nothing about it. So whoever invests their money with HLV daytrading prop firm or buys their fraud penny stock, are going to LOSE their money. They don't have a license to sell nothing. They are not SEC or NASD registered. If you like your money, then stay clear of HLV trading.
  6. Maybe it's just me but I got the distinct impression that you had a gun to your head while typing that post.

    Thanks for recommending them but I will pass.
  7. caru423


    No contrary to popular opinion it was done on my own . Idont nkow if the refund of deposits is case specific or what I know I am going to be ecieving mine I also spoke to a trader who recieved his in like two weeks maybe it depends on size I have a small amount with them. I posted this thread to tell you waht was happining with my situation and how it has been handeled. I am not sure what everyone elsee thinks but I was put at ease.
  8. caru, if they tell you they sent you your check 10 times, 9 of those times they're lying if you are lucky. If you are lucky, they'll be telling the truth the 10th time.

    That's what they always do...they just lie about sending out checks, so I don't know how they "put you at ease".
  9. sowsaw



    You must either have your head in the sand or are refusing to listen to what other traders on this thread are telling you.

    HLV is being sued because they dont pay traders or refuse to return traders deposits.

    When you standup for HLV its like standing up for Charles Manson and saying he is not a bad killer. This is an insult to HLV victims who have been ripped off.
  10. just wondering, ...are you saying that HLV no longer has any equity traders? Didn't they have their accts. carried by Solaris? what became of them??? Also, saying you just had an audit and everything came out clean does not make sense..HLV is not a NASD member....why would they be audited?:confused:
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