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    I have nothing against them, lots of folks do.

    i remember seeing a fax come over from the NY office a year ago when i first started, with the pnl of a trader killing it. I just thought, "maybe its real, maybe its not".

    I never thought I'd see the day when someone from HLV made that list (30 under 30). Looks like anything is possible. When the majority fail, theres something to be said for making money, no matter how you got to do it.

    (perhaps i'm being a little naive, but I was genuinely surprised to see this)
  2. The funny thing is that if that list is real, 10 people from swifttrade should make it next year... hows THAT for believable!
  3. newguy1


    hehe, well at least there has been talk of profitable swift branches on et (was it "hamilton"/something like that)
    The only talk of HLV on ET has been pretty negative. Its just surprising, not the top 30 under 30 list itself/what that list implies; many people have said the list is inconclusive.
    but the sheer fact that someone is verifiablely doing very well at hlv is something i never thought i'd see in public print. I was just wondering if my surprise is from being naive, or if anyone else was caught a little off-guard.
  4. megadon


    hlv is doing it right........simple...m

  5. what exactly are they doing right? Not paying traders and offsetting losses with other peoples capital contributions??? Oh..Ok I see.
  6. bbing


    The only problem with HLV is that they do not pay traders for
    their equity-at least not me anyway. I traded my own capital
    with them for 3 months and accumulated gains in my account.
    I never received a monthly payment as per the trader agreement.
    I repeatedly requested a payout but never received one. I sincerely believe that HLV should be banned from any advertising
    on ET-except for the threads about them which tell the whole story.
  7. mnx


    care to post the list so I don't have to sign up for an account on trader daily?


  8. SarahG


    I agree. They are a dishonest company. I hope you got your initial deposit back at least.
  9. you hear about this company a lot-- how in the world can they get away with keeping someone's money? can't you take them to court? I don't understand....
  10. you aren't suppose to understand. You are just an average person. The people that understand these situations are educated in the subject of securities fraud. Such as Lawyers and the SEC. They went many years of college and specialized training to get to where they are at.

    Leave the lawsuits and other details to the professionals. There are many lawsuits against HLV.
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