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    Anybody trading in this firm, please share your experience . I'm planning to open an account with them. I'll be trading remotely.
  2. the firm is run by former owner of a broker dealer that went belly up. it is all fun and games till the music stops. your money is far from secure. if you are a trader, try asking for your money. all your deposits are not there.
    ever hear of a bank run during the depression? well, you will be telling people your story shortly.

    forget about calling the firm at which hlv is at. you will get answering machines, but never a return phone call. solaris securities. they have a website.

    hold your winners and sell your losers!!!

    ps. check with the show "shame on you". they will explain who charlie vaccaro is. channel five news. trade there. maybe you will make it on the news? your fifteen minute of fame will only cost you $5,000.
  3. Give me a break! How can you possibly trust the advice of someone who is making there first post.

    On the contrary, I have a few friends who trade with them. They have said nothing but good things about their trading experience and their experience with Charlie Vaccaro.

    In fact if you do a search on HLV on elite, you will see a post from Don Bright not to long ago. He had tried bashing HLV, only to rescind the comments once Mr. Vaccaro flew down to vegas to meet with him.
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  5. we all like pudding. but, even bill cosby would not dispute the facts. mr vaccaro has not answer several emails and request for money from a few friends of mine in the philly area.

    mr vaccaro might be worth seven figures, but so was bernard ebbers, lee fastow, the ceo of tyco, and the owners of adelphia.

    where is mr vaccaro's broker dealer, the money for traders who have requested money from hlv. please understand that if you have money with hlv at the de of reconning, you will not be getting a quick dispursement, even if vacarro wanted to pay. the assets will be frozen.

    hold your winners, sell your losers. try receiving a check on time. also, try getting your statements. russia didnt have such a red flag.

    don bright? he endorses vacarro or did he have his foot in his mouth.

    vacarro traveled to see bright in vegas. i wouldnt pay anymind to anyone who questioned my integrity.

    pudding? did you call shame on you? do your homework
  6. I have been trading for HLV and have no problems. Office atmosphere is great, mentoring and training is done all day long. The office is very well run, as a matter of fact we are moving into a larger space next week, so obviously the people in charge are doing something right.
    I don't know what trainwrecks problem is, and to be honest I don't care, but I can definitely say that anyone who comes to the office to speak to me or any other trader on the floor, they will tell you they are happy with HLV.

    Anyone who wants to speak, send me a PM, I'll give you a # to call me.
  7. you sound like you are either a fan, employee or partner. let me ask you which one are you. if a fan, why? if a n employee, do you really get paid? if a manager or partner, please understand that you will be implicated on this one too. if you have been licensed, you will know that your knowledge and capacity of such activity will prevent you from working anywhere else.

    the firm is an organizational and regulatory horror show. please save that explanation of the LLC/non regulated bs. there might not be a fine from the NASD, but the department of justice, better business bureau, and the nys attorney general would love to close the doors on a quasi fund that doesnt pay its investors.

    you should grab your briefcase and run out the door, now.

    what is the longest you have heard a trader not getting trading records. days? weeks? months? why woud anyone trade for this company is beyond me. better yet, can anyone gat their money out. the answer is NO.

    are you chasing that elusive carrot? you are opening an office next week? what is the address? if you dont have the space yet, manage your expectations. tell people you will be set up in june, if you are still in business. it is smart not to mislead people and make outrageous claims.

    hows that for your chrome peice, homepeice?
  8. Marian Nalitt

    Graeme Murphy

    John Allevi

    David Orischak

    Fred Brandenburg

    its a roach motel

    after numerous emails and phone call, these people have not been paid. some open accounts, and never traded, and still have a problem getting their money

    add that to a NASD arbitration in the process, with more to come.

    please ask for your money. lets see what happens.

    no one is scared. at the end of the day, if mr vaccaro is a 7 figure guy, he should have money to pay these people. regardless of a corporate structure that claims to protect individuals from their business entity, liability can pierce the corporate vail due to criminal conduct not limited to fraud.

    did koslowski get to keep the $6000 dollar shower curtain. vaccaro might have Better Living with Martha Stewart.

    Hold your winners, and sell your losers. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!
  9. did you get a 1099? of course not, you are in limbo when you trade for hlv. please for your own sake, dont get burried too.

    who's to say you or your deposit exists?

    get your money while you can. even ask for half.

    tick tick tick

    i have a heart. i warn you before it gets closed down.
  10. did you get a 1099? of course not, you are in limbo when you trade for hlv. please for your own sake, dont get burried too.

    who's to say you or your deposit exists?

    get your money while you can. even ask for half.

    tick tick tick

    i have a heart. i warn you before it gets closed down.
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