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    Hey Zanman, there are 30 million shares short in the float. Avg volume is a mil a day. Do the math. You don't need a calculator.
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    Mav.....The same can be said about FIT at $28.
    It too had about a 30% (actually 34%) short interest on the float.
    If it were that easy, we'd all be rich.
    Some shorts are shorts for a reason.
    Nobody's buying HLF (or any Amway-like model)... just like nobody is buying door to door encyclopedias or Kirby's.
    Its game over. Too much social media working against it.
    Ackman is right. Its going to zero. My $68 call will work just fine.

    BTW Mav.... I know you're on my side of this trade here....so nice try.
    I think the WPBHFA needs a little dose of some street smarts. I might consider an an offer, ...we'll see. Talent comes at a price. ;)
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    Sweet Bobby is naked short also.
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    This is the most disgusting thing I have read in a long time. Broccoli milkshake. WTF Vanz. *wretch*

    Game penalty for you on interrupting the thread with such a vile visual. lol
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    I can't believe that company can still exist in this day and age on pyramid selling. That is such a 90's thing, 20 years ago and for products that makes you thin where there are so much informed choices out there today?
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    Speaking of AMZN (lol)....
    If you want quality supplements for cheap.... thats the place to go.
    HLF's model is TOAST.
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    They are estimated to report on 5/4.
    One analyst follows them (too easy to lowball without other analysts keeping you honest). That means they will blow away estimate. ($.87) Perhaps by even 50%.
    That'll be the day to short.
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    Huh? LOL. OK.
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