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    Does anyone have any experience with these people? They claim to be the experts on Program Trading. In addition, they claim anyone who's anyone on Wall Street comes to them for their BUY /SELL pivot points of the day?

    They want 1300.00 a quarter for a daily no nonsense hot sheet.
  2. camp knows what he is doing. its good stuff.

  3. I haven't used Hank's service. I have talked to him several times however about it. He is knowledgeable about the issues surrounding use of prem/fair value. You can benefit from reading his interviews with folks (available for free on the internet) and this will give you some feel for his level of service.

    I would ask him (he is very forthcoming) for some references. I have said this before but people don't seem to listen. References can be faked, but if you take the time to call and talk to a person on the phone you can learn a lot. Ask the right questions. Listen. It is like a job interview. Do what an adult does and make an informed decision based on the data you have in front of you.

    Good luck
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    has anyone taking the hL camp seminars and do they only teach just program buying/sellings??

    or is it a more indepth course with MOC, risk arb stratagies being taught.

    does HL camp give reading materials to take home or is it taught in house only.

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