hkfe index option

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  1. it seems hsi option is european option

    could I cover the position before the expiration days?
  2. MTE


    European means that it can only be exercised at expiry. You can trade in and out of it any time you like.
  3. could retail trader hold the option untile it is exercised at expiry?
  4. another question

    why is the price of hsi option the same as the mhi option
  5. mokwit


    Don't be too sure of this. If HSI option goes deep ITM there can be NO bids/offers. None. You can't take your profit.
  6. MTE


    Well, yeah, if you wanna nitpick. I was making a general statement. You can always hedge with the futures if you can't close out the option.
  7. MTE


    I haven't looked at the contract specs, but presumably the options either settle into cash (quarterly contracts) or settle into the futures contract (serial contracts). So the answer, yes, you shouldn't have any problems holding to expiry.

    Don't know what mhi is.
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    You can do an RFQ (quote request).
  9. it is mini hsi
  10. then does that mean you have to wait until the expiration day

    if the option is European option
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