HKD 17 to 767 in 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by FSU, Aug 1, 2022.

  1. FSU


    Anyone here trading this stock? Don't remember seeing anything like this in a while.

    Unfortunately, no options.
  2. M.W.


    You did not mention which stock

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  3. GotherL


    HKD. It is right on the title.

    It hit $1000.
  4. I gave this turd out right here at 75

    or was it 40

    so many millions a go , i forget

    check it out. the haters here didnt like my tout . lol.

  5. typical et poster. waits for a move from $7 to $1000, then asks about it
  6. god , this idiot had the nerve to ask which stock ? after reading my tout from the 50's ???

    blocked for life. bye
  7. Wow 137B mkt cap incredible!!
  8. Another one on a tear has been PGY
  9. It's an ADR for a company in Hong Kong. These things are notorious for being volatile but this is a particularly dramatic example.
  10. M.W.


    Thought HKD referred to Hong Kong dollar, nevermind.

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