HK Index, HSI, anyone interested?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by wen, May 6, 2004.

  1. wen


    Anyone out there trade HSI ?
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    top right corner, there is a text link, it says Search :eek:

    (yes there are several large threads about HSI and plenty of others on asian markets in general)
  3. wen


    thks bro :D. anyway hsi today is damped by oil price and global inflation fear. quite interesting here, because everyone is expecting HSI to climb but it just sinking. Any recommendation? BUY HOLD SELL? :confused:
  4. def

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    What makes you think that "everyone" is expecting HSI to climb?
  5. I trade hsi too since it is in my time zone. Nice volatility though less liquid.
  6. What is the liquidity like - I had a look at the daily volumes and they did'nt seem to bad????

    What are the fees like??

    Does it feel like a good trade - it surely does like to whip about.

    Sorry about all the questions, but CQG only covers the daily cash, no more.

    Thank you
  7. def

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    Liquidity is fine depending on how you trade. If you want to swing around size, it is best to work the orders in 10-25 lots at a time.

    Fees: Can't speak for others, IB charges 27.5 HKD and lower per contract if you chose the unbundled rate. (each tick is 50 HKD).

    Yes it does whip around a bit. I've been trading it as a market maker for almost 10 years. The index is not for everyone. You have to be your own judge in regards to your appetite for risk and abilities.
  8. wen


    wow, you sound so familiar with HSI. Share your knowlegde with us
  9. def

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    Sorry, I can't/won't give advice as I'm licensed with the exchange/regulators but not as an advisor. I'll just be able to answer basic questions.
  10. wen


    teach me more bro...need your advice
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