'Hizbullah had better intel and control of its forces than Israel in 2006'

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  1. Hizbullah had better intelligence information than Israel and better control of its forces during the Second Lebanon War, according to an official IDF scorecard compiled recently by a top navy officer.

    SLIDESHOW: Israel & Region | World The article - which was given an award by Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi - was written by Lt.-Col. Robi Sandman, and was published in the latest edition of Ma'arahot, a monthly journal on military issues.

    During his research for the article, titled "How the Arabs are preparing for the next war," Sandman asked 24 senior IDF officers to grade the army and Hizbullah in 10 categories, on a scale of 1 to 10.

    While the IDF enjoys superior technology, the scorecard revealed that the army performed poorly in gathering intelligence on Hizbullah, did not command its troops effectively during the monthlong war and lacked motivation to win.

    In intelligence, Hizbullah received a 7 and the IDF a 6; in military doctrine and strategy Hizbullah received a 9 and the IDF a 5; In technology, the IDF received a 9 and Hizbullah a 5; in training and organization, Hizbullah received a 8 and the IDF 7, and in tactical command Hizbullah received a 8 and the IDF a 6.

    The 24 officers also ruled that Hizbullah had greater motivation to win than the IDF. Hizbullah received a score of 8 in the motivation category, while the IDF scored only 4.

    In the article, Sandman claims the IDF is currently structured in a way that it will not be able to prevent thousands of fighters - from Hizbullah or Syria - from infiltrating deep into Israel.

    The next war, he wrote, will likely include Hizbullah sending hundreds of teams comprised of 4-5 fighters each, armed with anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles, into the Galilee.

    "We need to recognize that the IDF with its current structure cannot provide a response to the unbelievably well-equipped force that is rising up to destroy the State of Israel," he wrote.

    These hundreds of squads will be able to rely on local Israeli-Arab infrastructure in the Galilee, Sandman wrote. He recommended that the IDF immediately establish small, elite reconnaissance squads capable of countering this threat.

    Sandman also warned of the possibility that in a future conflict, the United States might not help Israel as it had in the past. During the 2006 war and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, the US airlifted advanced weapons and ammunition to Israel to refresh dwindling stockpiles.

    Sandman warned of two main catalysts for a possible lack of support. The first was what he called the decreasing influence the Jewish community had over the US government.

    "This trend will continue to get worse, due to assimilation and the fast rise of other minorities such as the Hispanics, which amount to 30 million [people] today in the US," he wrote.

    The second was a possible change in government and subsequent policy that "could leave Israel without an ally."

    As a result, Sandman recommended that the IDF ask the US to establish additional warehouses with emergency stockpiles of weaponry in Israel, even "if Israel has to pay for their maintenance."

    The US already has several warehouses with weaponry in Israel.

    His second recommendation was that Israel and the US hold joint training exercises to prepare for the possibility that the IDF will one day be under threat and require American troop support.

    "This type of support will be important one day in an emergency, but could also serve as a deterrent for enemies when planning an attack," he wrote.•

  2. Has it ever been in dispute that it was one of Israel's poorly executed campaigns. Still it achieved its objectives, It's been more than three years and not a peep from Hezbollah, not a single rocket, cross-border attack or kidnapping. They've learned their lesson well.
  3. I beg to differ a_person. If anything, it is the other way around. Prior to the butt whipping you received in Lebanon, Israel used to violate this country's sovereignty at its well. Daily air raids, kidnapping and shelling were part of the Lebanese South's daily routine. It has been more than three years and none of the Israeli cowards who used to violate this small country's sovereignty dared to do it again.

    Israel cannot go through another humiliating defeat as the one they went through in 2006, otherwise, they would've attempted to finish one of their sworn enemies already.

    Keep in mind that, prior to the Israeli aggression, almost all of the Israeli military leaders were bragging about annexing the land from the Litany river and south...What happened to that dream a_person?


  4. Let me explain to you how it actually works in real life, not in arab tales:

    Israel bombs the crap out of Egypt and Egypt makes peace with Israel, Israel bombs the crap out of Jordan and Jordan makes peace with Israel, Israel bombs the crap out of Syria and while there is no peace with Syria it's been quiet on the Syrian border for several decades now. Israel bombs the crap out of Hezbollah and Hezbollah is never heard from again, Israel bombs the crap out of Hamas and Hamas has been demonstrating exemplary behavior for almost a year now.

    The pattern is obvious and undeniable. The language you understand is not arabic, you only understand the language of force...but in all fairness you understand it well. And lest we forget that in absolutely all of these situations it's the arabs, not Israel who started the hostilities.

    Israel has achieved unprecedented calm on all its borders, the only remaining problem is Iran, so guess what's coming...

    PS Israel never wanted to annex any part of Lebanon, stop reading those anti-zionist anti-semitic websites, they make you sound like a delusional, ignorant fool.
  5. More mideast crap. Races fighting over a fictional god that "promised" them some fucked up unarable land with no oil.

    He cursed all his followers of the big 3 - well maybe, he's not as crazy as I initially thought.... Maybe he has a fucked up sense of humor.

    Is god a Christopher Walken character?
  8. Sameeh our resident arab is exactly the reason why arabs will never amount to anything in the modern world (other than selling black goo...)

    When you take pride in Hezbollah, Hamas, you clearly have a mentality of a revanchist, i.e a loser. Civilized societies take pride in level of technology/scientific achievements, the arts, etc. Definitely not in using suicide bombers or sitting behind civilians in lebanon.

    So IDF had some issues in an urban setting where it could not indiscriminantly kill. This fool thinks it is a crushing defeat for israel. Guerilla warfare has always been a problem for regular armies. IDF is still head and shoulders above any armed forces of any regional power in the middle east. Take that.
  9. Objectives= murdering babies, and women in their houses.

    PS: Goldstone confirmed that the zionist immoral and criminal army intentionally murded armed defensless babies sleeping in their homes.

    A_person: go check yourself buddy before you get psychological problems down the road. Stop spinning what everybody know are lies from zionists. In fact, I bet you already know that what you write are lies. I assume you are getting paid. Go work for someone else for better just money rather than posting on sites bullshit in defense of criminals.
  10. It's time for you to understand that hysterical over the top outbursts on internet forums and blogs and the accusations that your opponents are getting paid don't win arguments but instead earn you the well deserved reputation of a childish delusional emotionally-disturbed drama-queen.

    The facts are nevertheless very simple and very obvious. Once Israel secure its border and stops terrorism from a neighboring state or territory all hostilities immediately end, people stop getting killed, all women and children on both sides safely return home for dinner every day. That happened when Israel taught Egypt, Syria and Jordan a lesson in 1967 and 1973, that also happened in 2006 and 2008 when Israel taught the same lesson to Hezbollah and Hamas. It's all quiet now, no one is getting killed when arabs don't attack Israel, it's a good thing, you know.
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