Hizbullah committing war crimes

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  1. A very worthless organization, but interesting to see their take.

    "Lobbing rockets blindly into civilian areas is without doubt a war crime," said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. "Nothing can justify this assault on the most fundamental standards for sparing civilians the hazards of war."

    "Most of the attacks appear to have been directed at civilian areas and have hit pedestrians, hospitals, schools, homes and businesses," the humanitarian organization's website stated.

  2. Shut the fuck up you little zionist maggot.

    The god of war crimes is coming here accusing hiszbullah of committing war crimes??

    At least the man had the decency of telling you in all of his peaches that he does not want to target civilians but if you attack his he will attack yours.

    It is you that killed your people when you attacked fleeing civilian convoys, Red Cross ambulances, civilian shelters, schools and hospitals.

    And speaking of All of these civilian targets...Hizeb Allah Pin pointed Israeli military installations INSIDE Israel, if he wanted to attack a hospital, he would've done it long, long time ago.

    He is a man of honor, something that cannot be said about your whole criminal leadership.
    Once again, the day that you dump 2 tons bomb on an appartment building and shake hand congratulatring each other for a job well done is long gone.
  3. Hezbollah cannot commit war crimes because conflicts with them are not war. They are psychopathic serial killers and actions against them are basic law enforcement. They are guilty of murder.
  4. My...My...seems like someone sitting in Gaza is running a little low on left handed toilet paper and is fearing the worst of having to use flesh against flesh to clean his own shit.

    Would it surprise me that everything that you state is pure lies?

    Accurate rocket targets that they can aim for? Why don't you head North, stand outside in a pink bunny suit and see how accurate their rockets are by having them split the hairs on the top of your head.

    Here are your own heroic satanic dolts that think just like you.
    Hope death comes real soon...in the dark.


    Palestinians in territories celebrate rocket attacks

    ‘God willing they hit power station next time,’ says West Bank resident after Hizbullah rockets reach Hadera. Local Palestinians in village near Jenin overlooking site of rocket hit express happiness, hail Hizbullah for ‘successful firing’

  5. As I told you zionist, the day when you dump a 2 ton bomb on an apartment building killing 11 children then shake hands congratulating each other for a job well done is long gone!!

    You can destroy and kill as much as you want, for you are the master master in this field, but you will never ever be victorious.

    I understand your frustration and that of all of the people who love to be enslaved by you... A band of fighters is bringing the fourth strongest army on earth to its knees which is giving you the excuse to take it on 1 day old babies and claim that it was a military victory.

    Zionist criminal.
  6. Coming from the side that lost 6 wars, 2 intifadas and half of their land in less than 60 years it sounds a little too presumptuous.
  7. The only victory that I'm looking for is for you to go back to Qatar - in a large bag drapped in pink left handed toilet paper.

    At this point I'm almost 100% certain that it will be at the hands of your own neighbors. Packs of brutal thugs don't like weaklings in their midst.

    Mr. Little Sissy Sh*t Boy
  8. Arab states with their have assed armies did...Not the popular resistance buddy...

    And if you want to consider the fight between the fourth strongest army and children with rocks as a victory for the state of Israel...I'll give you that victory chump!!
  9. Speaking of victories...I would like to be the first to come here and congratulate all of the zionists and their cock suckers for the daring operation to take over an amusement park in Tyre....to bad one bambino was killed and eight injured.

    No wonder you milk the US for billions of dollars a year! I mean, all of these "commando" operations cost money you know!

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