HIV Infection Spread in Two NY Hospitals

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  1. Medical incompetence is getting out of hand in this country. In spite of decades of attempts to prevent these tragedies from happening, hospitals continue to mess up badly. Within a few decades, medical incompetence will kill more people than Tobacco use. If you're a nurse or a doctor, you need to get your act straight. Unfortunately, we no longer have a meritocracy in this country.

    Medical errors kill 195,000 people every year in America. You are far more likely to die of a medical error (195,000 deaths/year) than to be killed by gunfire (11,493 deaths/year).


    Second NY Hospital Warns: Possible HIV Infection From Insulin Pens

    A second New York hospital has issued a warning to over 1900 patients who may have been exposed to HIV from insulin pens. Olean General Hospital has also warned that patients may have also been exposed to Hepatitis B and C.

    Olean General Hospital was alerted to the possible issue when another New York hospital announced last week that up to 700 of their patients may have been exposed to the same deadly infections. Both hospitals have admitted that they had been reusing the pens to inject insulin into diabetes patients.

    As reported by, the insulin pens at Buffalo Veterans Administration Center were reused during a two week period last year between October 19th and November 1st. Nearly 700 patients received the injections during that time. The hospital is offering free blood tests to patients who may have been exposed.

    Olean General Hospital conducted an internal investigation and discovered that they had been reusing insulin pens on patients for over two years. As reported by CBS News, the hospital has sent notification to over 1900 patients alerting them to the possible exposure and offering free blood tests.

    Both hospitals admit that reusing insulin pens is not a standard or preferred procedure. The problem may have stemmed from failure to include patients’ names on the pens. Some insulin pens contain multiple doses, but are meant to be used on the same patient every time.

    CBS News reports that unsafe injection practices are a very serious issue:

    “More than 150,000 patients have been impacted by unsafe injection practices since 2001, according to CDC, causing irreparable damage by exposing patients to blood borne illnesses, such as hepatitis and HIV, and to life-threatening bacterial infections.”

    Hospital administrators contend that the risk of contracting HIV and other diseases from the insulin pens is rare, but have offered an apology to their patients for the mistakes that were made.

  2. This is the kind of thing you fear if you have to be treated in a third world hospital.

    Of course, in many areas of the US, a high percentage of hospital workers are africans, so maybe they just didn't know any better.
  3. Well maybe if more whites could pass the competencies needed, that would not be the case!

    You outnumber black people in this country 9-1. Quit bitching and get your act together!
  4. Some are so thrilled to have health care reform, you know the minorities and Liberals, but I chuckled the entire time all that debate about reform was going on. Regardless of how much it will cost, the last place you are going to want to go to get better is a hospital. As the Third World comes to America, so do the standards of cleanliness and competence on the part of the doctors and staff decline.

    You have the Mexican flood into America and this is coupled with a health care overhaul that will see many good doctors leave the profession sooner than they would because of all the government intervention in their profession. Guess who will replace them - people from Mexico and India among other Third World cesspits.

    Makes me glad I don't like going to the doctor and stay away on most occasions.
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    Medical errors kill 195,000 people every year in America. You are far more likely to die of a medical error (195,000 deaths/year) than to be killed by gunfire (11,493 deaths/year).

    Looks like we have MUCH bigger fish to fry than shredding the 2nd amendment.

    I wonder how many of those 195,000 medical errors belong to our lying incompetent friend RCG wannabe Trader?
  6. Answer: Zero.

    Stick to the heavy equipment Luke. It is what you do best.:)
  7. Doctors follow "science" which is actually greed and lies elevated to a status somewhere above religion but just this side of God Himself. They can get a pass for truly horrible behavior.

    People think that free healthcare is actually going to be much help to them? It won't be the elegant solution, not with gov involved, I'd think that is a given.

    This "science" in the US is such shit. Here is an example of what scientists can do in Russia, they would lose the funding for their entire university if they did this in the US of A..
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    Stick to enemas and bed pans Ron, it's what you do best.
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    With people like RCG claiming to be an RN it seems almost anyone can be a nurse in todays system. Is it any wonder hygene and sanitary conditions have gone to hell in our hospitals?
  10. I am not talking about race. It is about immigrants. When I said africans, I meant immigrants from africa. I have doubts that they are as well-trained as American nurses, but you would be in a better place to comment on that.

    You should recall that I defended you when some were mocking you for being a male nurse. I know that nursing is tough work that can be unpleasant. My mom had male nurses who were highly competent and conscientious, and I appreciated their work.

    Nursing used to be a standard profession for educated women, since other opportunities in business or the professions were basically not available. That's no longer the case, obviously. Now, we have a nationwide shortage of qualified nurses.
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