HIV/AIDS Group Uses Tax Dollars To Open Stip Club

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    This would be funny if it weren't so common and weren't OUR money.

    D.C. Attorney General Irvin Nathan has accused a District HIV/AIDS service provider of spending nearly $330,000 in federal tax dollars to open a strip club.

    In a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Nathan said Miracle Hands Inc. promised the city it was using the cash to renovate a warehouse in Northeast for use as a job training center for residents with HIV/AIDS. Instead, the warehouse was turned into the Stadium Club, a strip club that continues to operate, the suit says.
  2. Well, I hope we'll all be getting community lap dances...
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    Well, we all are already getting screwed! :D
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    this may have been obamas only successful jobs program
  5. I'm not the least bit surprised. For a long time I used to follow OSUR (they make oral hiv test kits). What a friggin racket the HIV industry is, not just in the US but around the world. I researched HIV in China, Africa the way the US sends foreign aid, I could never beleive what I read.

    Osur produces a 20 minute hiv test kit, sold over the counter, repeatedly denied FDA approval (its been a long time maybe it's out there now) you know why it was denied, they wouldn't need the hiv walk in clinics. A place where Hiv patients could hang out and counsel each other, among other things.

    Ehhh, can't even write about it, typical gov't program dollars being wasted.
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    I remember when a few years ago the democrats passed a bill to send $30 Billion to Africa for AIDS research.

    I thought, this was crazy. That's $100 from every man, woman and child in the U.S. being sent to Aftrica for AIDS research? I'm sure all that money has gone into the pockets of the the Al Gores of the AIDS movement. What a waste of our money.
  7. That's my kind of "stimulus" program!
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    Our tax dollars at "work", thanks Odumbo.

    It's certainly the only successful one I'm aware of.
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    Max E.

    Truth be told 330k to open a strip club was probably one of the most efficient uses of federal money in the stimulus. The strip club would have had to have atleast 15-20 employees, if they needed 15 employees thats only like 22k per job. :D

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    Do the dancers have AIDS?
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