hitting a glass ceiling

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  1. kiwi trader, true, nowhere in the book is mentioned to trade more relaxed. But I found that after reading the book, i was less hard on myself if i missed a set up, because I thought there'll be another one coming up soon.
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  2. Hook 'n Sinker, good point.
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  3. thanks for your help everyone, Bitstream, Hook n sinker, nononse, kiwi trader, volente.

    decided to trade much smaller size for a while,
    and trade a bit longer timeframe
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  4. DannoXYZ


    Are you calling the "trading system" relaxed, or your "emotional state"? I usually don't try to anthropomorphize my strategies, they just are what they are. Regardess of what tactics I employ, I'm always "relaxed" emotionally.
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  5. if I make 100% return my first year and 50% return my second year, my performance is statistically insignificant. 2 data points do not a distribution make. don't fool yourself into overconfidence. start out first year with a $5k account and pretend it is $50k. then do it again the second year. then you'll have the minimum amount of data to estimate how much to trade your 3rd year. pin your trade performance stats on the wall to remember how bad you can trade. stay humble but courageous.
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