hitting a glass ceiling

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  1. Been trading alright last 3 months.

    Couple of weeks ago , I felt that I wasn't improving as much as I wanted to.

    Decided to read 'Trading in the zone'.

    After reading the book, I found that I had adapted a more relaxed
    way of trading.

    Subsequently I got hit pretty bad, yesterday and last friday.

    Any thoughts on this or anyone else have had a similar experience?

  2. u need fear to dictate your actions for a long long time, that's what preserves u from makin' terrible trades and lose all of u money. trust me, fear is the best pal u got right now...readin' that book prolly inspired u overconfidence and thats deadly for a beginner.
  3. Anybody can come out winner after only three months. It is not a long enough period to be statistically significant, imo.
  4. Actually been trading on and off for about 13 years. Mostly options with a time frame of about a month. Always did ok, nothing spectacular. Some good gains.

    Started trading futures within a shorter time frame about 4 months ago. Did really good for 3 months.

    Guess you're right on the overconfidence thing, Bitstream
  5. I wonder what the performance is if you stayed with your original method.
  6. That's what happens if you start believing fairy tales written for and peddled to losers. :(

    (put in another 3-10 years)
  7. Cheese


    Well Chung Ching if you've been trading futures for 3 months without detailed and extensive preparation beforehand, you haven't lost enough yet.

    Keep going until you have total wipe out then give us another report.
  8. Who said I didn't prepair, Cheese?
  9. Mark doesn't say "adopt a more relaxed way of trading" anywhere that I can recall in the book however whenever you are trying to improve some things will help and others will not. I preferred the disciplined trader but the advice he gives is helpful --- you just have to work at it and trading until you become consistent (two steps forward, one step back). Think about the 38 steps I quote in the thread below and pick yourself up and just keep improving:


    Most of us spend some time looping through various stages of the 38 steps and those stages change and slip as we progress. I find myself catching onto 30-35 with tastes of 36 and 37 ... and just keep on working at it.
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    I got very little out of TITZ, but The Disciplined trade had a big impact on my trading. To this day it still sits on my desktop.
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