Hitmans Princess

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  1. I thought we had already seen one, in a more everyday state of dress. But maybe I am confusing her for candle's "girlfriend". :confused:

    BTW, EZ, have you stopped your e-mini journal on hitman's board? What's with all the deleted posts?
  2. Nope, she's the one in pink with the arms crossed (top right).
  3. skerbitz


    speaking as someone who currently LIVES in china ... I see girls better than this everytime I walk down the street. The one in the black leather looks fine, but just one look at her and you can spell b**** :)

    The girls here are awesome ... and as long as you choose fairly well, you get a girl who not only looks great but treats you like a king ...

    Every western guy I know who has come here has either a GF or a wife within a very short time.

    Another totally cool completely un-PC thing they have here is bar girls ... go in a bar, buy a $2 beer and a nice cute girl (usually working part-time from the local Foreign Language University) will come up and chat with you ... a few of them of course do more than just chat, but that's between you and them. In any case, I don't remember EVER having that experience in the west. Here it is a part of everyday life.

    I pity all you guys ... and I still shudder to think how close I came to marrying in the west ...

    and BTW I wouldn't bother much with asian girls born or raised in the west ... they are pretty much without exception, spoiled little brats. Consider Hitman's exerience to be the rule, and not the exception.


    ciao from Dalian China
  4. Babak


    Here is a better one:


    I still don't understand why the way she looks should give her the right to walk all over Hitman. I hope that he one day finds a partner in life that will care for him as much as he cares for her.

    skerbitz, check you private messages please.
  5. nkhoi


    poor Hitman, she look tough like nail, now I start to understand his despair.
  6. Why is necessarily a "tough" girl? Cos she isn't attracted to hitman? Please!
    What girl would be attracted to a total sap like hitman! And he's gonna "win" her by making a million $? HAAHAHA! It's been years! People have been giving him the same "get over it" advice forever. His lack of understanding of his own emotions is of cosmic proportions. He has absolutely nobody to blame but himself.
  7. Rigel


    "poor Hitman, she look tough like nail, now I start to understand his despair."
    That's for sure. That kind is always a lesson for the young and inexperienced on their painful road to wisdom.
  8. Where is Hitman? Is he still posting?
  9. Babak