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  1. Anyone know what happened to Hitman's "Elite Trader Uncensored" thread at MSN? I wonder if he quit trading?
  2. I just asked that question and can't find my post. I might think he violated his company policy of no contact with the media.
  3. What media? Its just a trading forum. Besides, he's been with the same firm for 3 years. I don't think they'd wait til now to shut him up.
  4. They moved your "Hitman" thread to the Chit Chat section.
  5. Where is that?
  6. His firm has a no contact with media policy. If the media asks you anything you are to say NO COMMENT.
  7. Again, what media? CNN. ABC. It's a friggin trading forum. We don't even use real names!
  8. msn suspended his web page due to some anti war forums on it....
  9. Nobody would censor Hitman ...
  10. Where did you get this info ?
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